What & Who is Trex Electronic

What & Who is Trex Electronic

When you see:

Your purchased items from when payment is received will be delivered to your requested destination within seven working days. Worldwide.

When you see this banner it indicates that your chosen items will be packaged and shipped to you within twenty-four hours of receiving your payment.

This above banner states that from your time of purchase you will receive an invoice in your email regarding your item specifics and amount paid. Included in this invoice is also the tracking number to your package so anytime of the day you can check on the delivery position and status of your order.

Please keep a copy of this invoice for any possible warranty claims or disputes.

Our 30-day cash back banner indicates that from 30 days of purchase, if for any reason you are not happy with your item, it has been damaged during postage, or simply you selected the wrong item or is not compatible with your device, send it back to us and we can refund your money in full into the same account that you paid from or any other account of your preference.

In the event your purchase isn't compatible with the device it was intended for, instead of receiving a cash back payment send us back the item, and you can request to exchange the item for the correct product, with no extra postage charges, delivered free.

We will send you a return address upon request.

All our items usually have a standard manufacturer's warranty of 12 months. In addition to that 12 months Trex Electronic will give you an extended warranty period of 12 months with no extra charge.

That means if your item breaks down for any reason within the usage guidelines, send it back to us and we will replace the item with a new one.

In the event the item has been discontinued we will send you the newest model of that item at no extra cost.

A cash back return can also be requested after we have recieved the item back from you.

Finally if your item falls within the extended warranty period, you have an option to select a totally different item from our store with the same purchase value after we have recieved your faulty item back from you.

We will send you a return address upon request.

In the event of any of the above circumstances or for any questions or worries you have, you can email Trex Electronic anytime or day of the week at superterrifictrex.online@gmail.com

You can also use our live chat option by selecting the green envelope icon located on the bottom right corner of our homepage.