PDT LED Skin Rejuvenation Beauty Therapy Treatment

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What is PDT?

Photon dynamical therapy is a new technology, using the photon power to treat skin issues such as acne, freckles and aging skin and the general maintenance of having healthy skin. 

Promoting the growth of collagen in the skin whitens and brightens the surface to reduce fine lines or wrinkles, which contributes to shrinking pores which tighten the skin and allow the skin become more smooth and elastic.


LMH181031-01 (2)

LMH181031-01 (3)LMH181031-01 (7)


LMH181031-01 (4)LMH181031-01 (5)

LMH181031-01 (8)LMH181031-01 (10)LMH181031-01 (11)

LMH181031-01 (13)



-1 x PDF LED Machine 
-1 x Black eyepatch 
-1 x Power Adapter 
-1 x User Manual 
Manufacturer warranty


Clinical Photos showing results: